EUnet4DBP outcomes

Image by diapicard from Pixabay


Noardo, F., Guler, D., Fauth, J., Malacarne, G., Mastrolembo Ventura, S., Azenha, M., Olsson, P., Senger, L.: Unveiling the Actual Progress of Digital Building Permit: Getting Awareness through a Critical State of the Art Review. Building and Environment 213, 108854, 2022. DOI:10.1016/j.buildenv.2022.108854.

Noardo, F., Malacarne, G.: Digital building permit: a state of play - I EUNnet4DBP International workshop on Digital building Permit, EuroSDR report, 2021.

Noardo, F., Malacarne, G., Mastrolembo Ventura, S., Tagliabue, L. C., Ciribini, A. L. C., Ellul, C., Guler, D., Harrie, L., Senger, L., Waha, A., and Stoter, J.: INTEGRATING EXPERTISES AND AMBITIONS FOR DATA-DRIVEN DIGITAL BUILDING PERMITS – THE EUNET4DBP, Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XLIV-4/W1-2020, 103–110, 2020 DOI:10.5194/isprs-archives-XLIV-4-W1-2020-103-2020.

EUnet4DBP talks

The DBP Process

Session focussing on the ongoing works concerning the transformation of the DBP process to uptake digital building permitting, hold on 25th March 2022


  • Judith Fauth - Research on the building permit process - some exemplary findings

  • Antero Hirvensalo - The Finnish Bim permit process

  • Nicholas Nisbet - ‘No one wants a building permit, they want a building’.

Demo session

A demo session about the tools under development and available to automate planning building regulations checks, hold on 3rd December 2021


  • Nicholas Nisbet - Regulations as concept graphs and wiring diagrams.

  • José Granja - An open tool for DBP in Portugal

  • Christopher Raitviir - BIM module in the Estonian Building Registry

  • Nadine Hobeika - GeoBIM for Building Permit tool