On the job

Expected outcomes

As a first step we will share our knowledge about the topic and the available tools we know, trying to integrate them in a seamless framework and workflow and understand where the main gaps are, to be addressed in future research projects.

The network is supposed to produce mainly open and possibly flexible solutions, to be shared among the partners.

Regular meetings

The EUnet4DBP organizes bi-monthly internal meetings aimed at getting to know the new comers, share updates on on-going activities, new projects, coming events and initiatives.

The activities organized within the EUnet4DBP framework are also decided and discussed within those meetings.

Meetings dates: 20th November 2020; 12th February 2021; 7th May 2021; 24th September 2021

Digital Kick-off Meeting, 29/05/2020

Part 1 - network

The network activity has started.

The, now enhanced, network was outlined, starting from the participants introductions (more details in the ‘network page’ in this website).

Part 2 - topics

Second part of the network was about sharing knowledge about the topics involved in the tasks of making the building permit process digital:

  • Building permit process
  • Rule interpretation and machine-readable regulations
  • 3D city models
  • Geographical context
  • Building design and model preparation
  • BIM and GIS - Compare and contrast
  • Interoperability and neutral data formats

Part 3 - Brainstorming

Third part: a stimulating and fruitful brainstorming about ambitions, requirements and framing concepts for the digitalization of the building permits, by means of 3D information systems (3D city models, Building Information Models) and more information.

The three pillars for the issue were considered: Technology - Process - Rules and requirements.

The results (to be further processed and published soon) will be the solid base to plan activities and next steps.

Reports in national languages

A.L.C. Ciribini, Lo EUNet4DBP e la Digitalizzazione dei Processi Autorizzativi [language: IT]

Starting point: First Meeting in Amsterdam (NL), 17/01/2020

We met for the first time to initiate the network: get to know and discussion of aims and relevant topics of the collaboration.