The EUnet4DBP is growing (see 'network' tab) and updates to oucomes can be found in the 'outcomes' tab of this website.

The new series EUnet4DBP talks has started. They short webinars on the existing solutions and in-progress works on one of the topics related to the digitalization of the digital building permits. They are hold by the EUnet4DBP participants within the network periodical meetings and now they are shared publicly in youtube. The first one is about the tools available to automate the regulations checking phase (see the tab 'outcomes' of this website).

A review paper on the progress in digital building permits is ready. The title is Unveiling the Actual Progress of Digital Building Permit - Getting Awareness through a Critical State of the Art Review. It is available as a preprint at

The EuroSDR report collecting the abstracts of the I EUnet4DBP International workshop on Digital Building Permit is online (see the tab 'outcomes' of this website)

The I EUnet4DBP International workshop on Digital Building Permit was a quite successful event, with a lot of interesting contents. The presentations and recordings are available at the webpage (see the tab 'events' of this website)

Submission deadline for the 1st EUnet4DBP workshop on Digital Building Permit was moved to the 22nd January 2021. Happy 2021 by the EUnet4DBP!

The call for participation to the 1st EUnet4DBP workshop on Digital Building Permit is out - check the event page of this website to find out more (submission deadline 8th January 2021)

The mission, vision and specific ambitions of the EUnet4DBP have been clarified in the "about" page of this website. We have now a stronger reference to guide our future activity.

Yesterday, 29th May 2020, the network met to start working and exchanging. Ambitions, requirements and framing concepts were defined and discussed as a solid base to plan activities and next steps.

The network is getting wider and we'll have a (Digital) Kick-off on May 29th 2020. You can also follow the network activity in Twitter now @EUnet4DBP

Tomorrow, 20th February 2020, the network will be presented by Francesca Noardo in the "European Network for Digital Building Permits" presentation at the "BIM-based Building Permit Process Automation Seminar" in Tallinn (

The European Network for Digital Building Permits was born. But the website is still under construction..