The Network

Research Institutes

3D Geoinformation - Delft University of Technology. Delft (The Netherlands)

Expert in 3D city models and related standards (CityGML, CityJSON…); GeoBIM and spatial data integration; Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) standard; BIM (in particular: geometry representation and validation).

Working for the integration of 3D (geo)information systems for use cases, through open standards and open (and F.A.I.R.) technologies.

People: Jantien Stoter

Fraunhofer Italia Research (Italy)

Experts in BIM implementation in public administration; BIM requirements analysis to accomplish the building permit procedure; Statistical content/information/data analysis of building permit documentation; BIM asset development for public administration.

Working for the integration of BIM models and geographic information system to facilitate the building permit evaluation process and to promote the digital transformation in small Municipalities.

People: Giada Malacarne

Università di Brescia (Italy)

Expert in BIM implementation in public administration for exchange information requirements, model and code checking; BIM-enabled design management; building energy modelling and IoT-based asset management, procedural aspects of virtual reality implementation in collaborative design reviews; IoT-enabled construction management.

Working for the integration of BIM and IoT systems for use cases for public administrations and SME construction companies to promote digital innovation in process engineering.

People: Silvia Mastrolembo Ventura, Angelo Ciribini, Lavinia Tagliabue

Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

People: Fulvio Re Cecconi

TNO (The Netherlands)

The TNO team has a focus on automatic code checking based on BIM models. The team combines the expertise of open standard BIM technology, data management, artificial intelligence, design of buildings and building regulations. The team has developed an ecosystem of autonomously operating BIM applications in the cloud to perform code checking on basis of digital robotization called BIM Bots. To make an introduction of this ecosystem possible on the market, the team is performing a market analysis.

People: Rob Roef, Ijsbrand van Straalen, Rizal Sebastian, Wim van der Poel, Kristian Helmholt

University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The team from the Chair of geoinformatics has competences in GIS data and processes modelling (using standards such as UML), 3D geospatial data modelling by integrating various data sources, real property information systems and geospatial data support for decision making.

Working for 3D-geospatial data and processes modelling, including the integration of BIM models and geographic information system, to facilitate the whole process from building permit issuing to cadastral registration.

People: Anka Lisec, Jernej Tekavec

Lund University (Sweden)

People: Lars Harrie, Perola Olsson

HafenCity Universität Hamburg (Germany)

People: Daniel Mondino, Emilya Popova

Institute of Construction Management and Digital Engineering (ICoM) at the Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany)

At the Institute for Construction Management and Digital Engineering (ICoM), the digitization of the construction industry and the Building Information Modeling (BIM) method are the focus of teaching and research. Industrial cooperations , qualification and education for professionals and guidance both for state and federal governments complement the portfolio. Continous exchange with other stakeholders is provided through membership and participation through relevant initiaves (e.g. buildingSMART, BIM Cluster etc.).

People: Lennart Senger

Ruhr University Bochum (Germany)

The Chair of Computing in Engineering at the Ruhr University Bochum has been working on innovative concepts for the implementation of Building Information Modeling for many years. One focus is the development of digital approaches for the automated checking of building permits using digital building models. For this purpose, on the one hand, requirements for the digital building models have been specified so that adequate information is available for the digital checking tools. On the other hand, digital checking workflows were implemented by integrating existing standards. Currently, concepts are being developed to enable an automated transformation of building codes into standardized digital inspection rules.

People: André Vonthron

University College London (UK)

GeoBIM research focusses on full lifecycle modelling – including: reality capture and sensor enabling for new and existing buildings and infrastructure; the use of geospatial data for planning and construction site safety and management; data management standards and protocols for handover from construction to operational building phases; the use of geoBIM for facilities and asset management. The role of geospatial (location-enabled data from BIM, GIS or other sources) as an underpinning integrator is seen as key in order to enable interoperability of sensor data, demographics, traffic information, pedestrian movement data and so forth, all required to facilitate smart city operation and decision making.

People: Claire Ellul

Belgian Building Research Institute (Belgium)

The Digital Construction division from the BBRI has competences in BIM technologies, including modelling, classification and standards, IFC, plugins developments and AR/VR. Working on all subjects concerning BIM through various Belgian and European research projects, the BBRI main goal is to perform scientific and technical research for the benefit of its members, supply technical information, assistance and advice, and contribute to the general innovation and development in the construction sector. The BBRI is also involved in Building Smart and the European Committee for Standardization.

People: Niki Cauberg

Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)

The researchers have experience on the topics of geographic information systems (GIS) based modeling, spatial decision support systems, and land administration.

The research being carried out in Geomatics Engineering Department focuses on creating a reformative framework including the use of digital building models (formatted in IFC, CityGML, CityJSON, etc.) for both building permit processes and 3D registration of property ownership as well as updating 3D digital twin city databases in Turkey.

People: Dogus Guler

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (Norway)

NTNU is a university with main profile in science and technology. It has an international focus, with headquarters in Trondheim and campuses in Ålesund and Gjøvik.

Use of BIM and digitalisataion is an expanding domain at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. We offer BIM related course at bachelor-, master- and PhD level. We offer a 2 year mater program in Digital construction processes.

People: Eilif Hjelseth

University of Minho (Portugal)

We are coordinating of EMJMD BIM A+. Our fields of interest alingn with digital building permits.

People: Miguel Azenha

Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany)

Northumbria University (UK)

Northumbria University is one of the leading universities in the UK engaged in research and knowledge exchange activities in digital construction.

People: Bimal Kumar

King Abdelaziz University (Saudi Arabia)

People: Obaid Al Jobaly

Public Institutions


Municipality of Rotterdam - Team Digital City & Department of building and housing supervision. Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

All types of specialists and experts who perform the entire range of tests for Building Permits, including outside inspectors and inspectors. And Digital city experts.

Working for shortening the time spent on the licensing process, which is a good development for both the municipality and the developers. The experts can focus more on the more important issues by making certain checks automatically.

People: Hasim Tezerdi

Municipality of Bladel (The Netherlands)

The municipality of Bladel strongly encourages digitalization of governance processes.

People: Milan Bor

Municipality of Merano (Italy)

Vantaan rakennusvalvonta (Finland)

People: Jekaterina Masjagutova

National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies

Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya (ICGC) (Catalunya)

The Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya (ICGC) has competences on Geodesy, Cartography and Spatial Data Infrastructure of Catalonia, and also on the actions related to the awareness, survey and provide information about the soil and subsoil. Related to GeoBIM, the main interest is to warranty the interoperability between BIM data produced by the Catalan Government and GIS data produced and updated by ICGC, and to ensure that workflows where both data are required, as Building Permit Procedure, can be successfully implemented and executed.

People: Maria Pla, Santi Sánchez

Kartverket (Norway)

People: Nancy Niemann, Ivar Overland

Swiss Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo) (Switzerland)

People: Maria Klonner

Ordnance Survey (UK)

People: Rollo Home

National Land Survey of Finland (Finland)

People: Joonas Jokela

IGN (France)

People: Benedicte Bucher

Governmental agencies and institutions

European Commission

People: Ilektra Papadaki, Raquel Texeira dos Santos

Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (Estonia)

The objective of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is to provide a suitable legislative, economic and safe environment that fosters the development of the Estonian construction and housing sector ensured by efficient legislative drafting, standardisation and support programmes. The ministry is developing the e-construction platform to connect data and services related to the built environment. This includes a fully digital building permit process for the whole of Estonia. A BIM-based building permit process will be launched in 2021.

People: Jaan Saar, Liilian Valison, Christopher-Robin Raitviir

Ministry of urban Development and housing - Hamburg (Germany)

People: Thorsten Walter

Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (Germany)

People: Milena Feustel

Etat de Genève (Switzerland)

The State of Geneva manage the Territory of Geneva and the Building Permit instruction on it. It conducts a digitalisation of the buiding permit. Since 2017, the State of Geneva initiates a BIM approach for the Building Permit Process and for the management of Its buildings and infrastructures.

People: Ophélie Vincendon

Boverket (Sweeden)

People: Fabian Ståhl

Czech standardization agency (ČAS) (Czech Republic)

People: Stepanka Tomanova

Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB)(UK)

People: Nicholas Nisbet

Gaiurb - Urbanismo e Habitação, EM (Portugal)

Develop and implement plans and policies focuses on achieving a quality urban environment for Vila Nova de Gaia, working in partnership with the Municipality and the community

Private companies and professionals

Cogital (UK)

We are an international Digital Transformation Agency for the Built-Asset Environment. We work with Owners, Consultants, Contractors, and Ventures to guide and support their Digital Transformation journey. We operate from our main offices in London and Düsseldorf, with partner offices in California and Dubai. The expertise of our founders is unique a combination of digital technology, business model transformation, construction, and Real Estate.

People: Alain Waha

Buro Happold Ltd (UK)

We are an international, integrated consultancy of engineers, consultants and advisers. Operating in 25 locations worldwide, with 60 partners and over 1,900 employees; for over 40 years we have built a world-class reputation for delivering creative, value led solutions for an ever challenging world. As city planner, we help our clients create vibrant places where communities and businesses can grow and thrive. As Digital experts, we transforming the way we approach built environment design. We can unlock greater value through a smarter approach to data.

People: Anthony Tuffour, Alain Waha


People: Nicholas Nisbet

Synecon oy (Finland)

-Process co-creation with cities and tech companies -Development of training modules.

People: Antero Hirvensalo

Sova3D Ltd. (Finland)

Sova3D Ltd. develop 3D web-based city models and BIM based processess on top of it.

People: Petri Kokko

Lumoin (Finland)

We are a project finance fintech.

People: Veikko Eeva

BIM Academy (Spain)

BIM Academy boosts BIM methodology, Lean Construction and IPD processes across all stakeholders participating in all life cycle phases of construction. The connection of an automated CityXML to IFC and vice versa will open a series of possible services to add the 3D model effort made in each project to be implemented in the managing of the cities and territories.

People: Ignasi Perez Arnal

SIA Architects (Belgium)

We are an architectural firm created in 1995 and currently based in Belgium. We believe in collaboration as an engine of innovation and we are oriented towards new digital horizons to face new challenges in the field of architecture.

People: Gregorio Saura

Autodesk (USA)

Autodesk creates software for AEC professionals.

People: Emmanuel Di Giacomo

DBA Group (Italy, Slovenia)

DBA GROUP is an indipendent holding (group of companies) specialized in Consultancy, Architectures, Engineering and Project Management services and ICT solutions focused on lifecycle management for building and mission critical infrastructure.

People: Franco Coin

ZWEI Consulting / SEMOS Education (North Macedonia)

ZWEI Ltd is consulting company that works in the field of new technologies in AEC fields, particularly BIM. At the moment, our company works for Automatic Code Compliance Check Engine for Dubai Emirate. Our CEO is involved as a lecturer on various topics such as BIM software for different disciplines.

People: Trajche Stojanov

Future Insight (the Netherlands)

Future Insight is a young Dutch software development company. We provide innovative open solutions for organizing the living environment. For example with our Clearly collaboration tool and our full service open 3D Digital Twins. For this group the development our open BIM services most relevant. We use them for example for the automated BIM based permit checking project in Estonia where they will also be combined with the 3D Digital Twin.

People: Rick Klooster

EiPM (Spain)

We encourage, help and support our clients and costumers to lead the digital transformation in the assets management and construction industry through Building Information Modelling (BIM), Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and Project Information Management (PIM), and technologies such as Big Data, Artifical Intelligence, applying Lean principles focused in: Information Exchange Governance, and openDATA domains.

People: Pep Coll

IFCWebServer is an Open BIM Server and online viewer based on IFC standard and the only graph platform for BIM models. It supports QA/QC and Automatic Code Compliance Checking for BIM models based on IFC standard

People: Ali Ismail

Cype (Spain)

CYPE is a Spanish research intensive SME dedicated to the development of technical software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals. CYPE develops solutions based in Open BIM technology for many different areas: energy efficiency, structures, architecture, building facilities, urban planning, cost estimation, etc. CYPE is currently developing a solution to automate the building permit process based in BIM models.

People: Ane Ferreira, Pablo Gilabert

Xinaps (The Netherlands)

We developed a user-driven, easy-to-use Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables users to validate data, visualize models and report flaws in real-time in the late design and pre-construction stage.

People: Hugh Geoghegan

digitAEC Matters (Romania)

SME focused on supporting digitization and digitalization of architecture, engineering, and construction.

RIB software (Germany)

The company RIB Software SE has been developing technical innovations for the construction sector since 1961. In the period from Dec 2021 to Nov 2024, RIB Software is lead partner of the research project „iECO“ (intelligent Empowerment of Construction Industry) which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. A consortium of eleven partners will create a GaiaX-based data space for the construction industry that looks at the entire building lifecycle. One subarea is the consideration of building permitting and its integration.

People: Judith Fauth

Bimtech NGO (Romania)

Registered on 2016 in Romania as a not for profit association, on the short name BIMtech with the scope and mission of adopting BIM practices on the country.

Opinion Builders Ltd. (Hungary)

Opinion Builders Ltd. is a Hungarian company offering integrated architectural, engineering, urban design, and open BIM solutions to clients. We believe technology and continuous learning are key to finding the best answer to a design challenge. We consider it important to utilize the latest technologies, as we are committed to promoting it to accelerate the digitalization of the construction industry. Our innovative approach and commitment allow us to engage in research and developments regarding automated BIM-based solutions such as digital building permit and automated code checking.

People: C. Toth Ilona

ARKCON (Finland)

ARKCON and Insinööritoimisto Kallinen Ltd services focus on construction sector and real estate consultancy, training, marketing and sales. Expertise in BIM, hospital projects and export projects.

People: Anna-Riitta Kallinen

Freelance Architects, designers and BIM experts

Matteo Mandrile (Italy)

Supporting organizations


EU BIM Task Group

buildingSMART Regulatory Room

Open Geospatial Consortium

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