Frequently Asked Questions

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Who can join?

People working towards the same aims, in line with the interests and commitments of the network.

People from academia as well as from practice and companies or governmental and public entities are welcome.

What are the advantages of joining the EUnet4DBP?

  • Collaboration with diverse actors and stakeholders to integrate the needed expertise framework necessary for digital building permit;

  • Get international collaborations for a higher quality of the obtained outcomes towards a digital building permit(replicability, generalization, feedback);

  • Increase visibility for events / projects / studies related to digital building permit.

What role should you have when joining, and what minimum expected contribution you should give?

When you are in the network you are expected to share your knowledge and expertise about the digital building permit within the network in the internal repository (Open Science Framework platform) by:

  • Sharing developed studies, initiatives and tools as much as possible;
  • Give constructive feedback to others’ work.

In addition, you should share your knowledge of initiatives, events, oucomes and news about the digital building permit by:

  • Communicating and building contents for a newsletter, the website and the network twitter account;
  • Propose use cases and topics for possible collaborations, whenever possible;
  • Provide case studies and data, whenever possible.

How to join?

If you agree on the roles and expected contributions listed in the previous FAQ and with the description of the network, you can join the EUnet4DBP by filling the information in the form.


To have more information, you can contact Francesca Noardo, Giada Malacarne, Silvia Mastrolembo Ventura