European Network for Digital Building Permits (EUnet4DBP)

The title will be “European network for digital building permits” since we agreed that for the moment we are mainly focussed on Europe and we are strongly related to European state of art. Although this, we are open to any other Countries to collaborate with us and be partner.

Three Pillars

1) Process

2) Technology

3) Information requirements

This page will be updated after the workshop on the 29th May 2020

The Scope

Following the common interests in the development of a methodology (including guidelines, best practices, tools, and so on) to support the digitisation and the automation of the building permission issuing process, the partners decided to constitute a network to join efforts and share outcomes for this aim.


Our objective will be the definition of a strategy and organization of an international network to develop digital building permission tools and methods in a common effort, with advantages to interoperability, procedures and data optimization and standardization and good implementations.

Expected outcomes

As a first step we will share our knowledge about the topic and the available tools we know, trying to integrate them in a seamless framework and workflow and understand where the main gaps are, to be addressed in future research projects.

The network is supposed to produce mainly open and possibly flexible solutions, to be shared among the partners.