European Network for Digital Building Permits

Network of researchers and stakeholders aiming at the definition of a common strategy for the digitization of the building permit issuing process, with advantages to interoperability, procedures and data optimization, standardization and good implementations.

The title is “European network for digital building permits” since we agreed that for the moment we are mainly focussed on Europe and we are strongly related to European state of art. Although this, we are open to any other Country to join the network as well! We are happy to already involve also participants from other Counties in the world (see the Network tab for further details).

Recent news

The EUnet4DBP is growing (see 'network' tab) and updates to oucomes can be found in the 'outcomes' tab of this website.

The new series EUnet4DBP talks has started. They short webinars on the existing solutions and in-progress works on one of the topics related to the digitalization of the digital building permits. They are hold by the EUnet4DBP participants within the network periodical meetings and now they are shared publicly in youtube. The first one is about the tools available to automate the regulations checking phase (see the tab 'outcomes' of this website).

A review paper on the progress in digital building permits is ready. The title is Unveiling the Actual Progress of Digital Building Permit - Getting Awareness through a Critical State of the Art Review. It is available as a preprint at

All news

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Last update: 22nd June 2022