Knowledge exchange event on "Energy & the digital built environment"
December 6th, 2018 (13:45-17:30)

An open event to share your views on the use of 3D city models for energy applications

The event is part of the 10th Workshop on the CityGML Energy ADE
December 5-7, 2018, Delft, the Netherlands

  Do you want to participate? Registration details are here.

On Thursday afternoon, 6 December 2018, from 13:45 (sharp) till 17:30 o' clock, we are organising an open  “Knowledge exchange event about energy and the digital built environment”. It will take place at the Building 8 - BK City (Room F/Zaal F), Julianalaan 134, Delft.

The purpose of this event is to bring together different stakeholders (cities, users, scientists, etc.) to share experiences and discuss about challenges and potentials of semantic 3D city models as hubs of harmonised information. The specific focus will on urban energy modelling, and other energy-related applications dealing with the built environment.

The ultimate goal is, on one hand, to better understand the requirements and needs of current and potential users and, on the other hand, to strengthen multidisciplinary collaboration between urban energy modelling and 3D city modelling experts.
The event is embedded within the ‘10th International Workshop on the CityGML Energy ADE’ which takes place at TU Delft on December 5-7, 2018. The workshop is a collaborative effort of the 3D Geoinformation group, TU Delft, The Netherlands, OGC, and SIG 3D. The CityGML Energy ADE is an extension of the international information model CityGML and defines standardised energy-related features and attributes needed, for example, for bottom-up building energy simulation purposes at city scale. More details on the workshop here.

The workshop, in general, and the knowledge exchange event, in particular, represent therefore a great opportunity to get in touch with experts from different domains. Don't miss it!

Participation is free, however registration is required. See later for details.

Agenda of the knowledge exchange event:

  • G. Agugiaro (TU Delft): "Welcome, introduction, and a (brief) overview of the Energy ADE"
  • J. Benner (KIT, Germany): "Building thermal energy simulations supported by the CityGML Energy ADE"
  • P. Cipriano (DedaGroup, Italy): "INSPIRE and CityGML Energy ADE: An example from the CitiEnGov project"
  • J. van Gelder (Geonovum/Alliander): "Bringing together (2D, 3D) GIS, BIM and utility networks: some thoughts on current challenges"
  • T. Hong (Berkeley Nat. Lab., USA): "Modelling coupled urban systems: Data and computing challenges"
  • C.-K. Wang (TU Delft): "Minimizing uncertainty in modelling urban building energy using 3D city models and Bayesian inference"
  • A. van der Meer (AMS/TU Delft): "Co-simulation of multi-commodity energy systems
  • Discussion and conclusions.

To participate in the knowledge exchange event, register by just sending an e-mail to the organisers (G. Agugiaro or K. Kumar) before 4 December, 2018.

If you plan to participate in the whole CityGML Energy ADE workshop, please check the detailed programme here and the registration details here.

Important dates

November 30, 2018
  • Last day to register for the CityGML & Energy ADE crash courses and the workshop

December 4, 2018
  • Last day to register for the Knowledge exchange event

December 5, 2018
  • CityGML & Energy ADE crash courses

December 6-7, 2018
  • Energy ADE workshop