Stuff for supervisors

What if I can’t be there at one P?

Read p.18 of the Official Graduation Manual 2018-2019.

What you have to do for each P


  • 1st supervisor must be present; 2nd can be there but not mandatory
  • you need to listen to the presentation of your own student, and ask questions
  • nothing else to do


  • both supervisors should read P2 proposal
  • both supervisors must attend P2, and ask questions
  • both supervisors decide if it’s a go or nogo
  • 1st supervisor must put in The System the final result of P2 (go/nogo/retake)


  • both supervisors must attend the presentation, and ask questions
  • the student has to organise the presentation, not the supervisor
  • 1st supervisor must put in The System that P3 has been done


  • both supervisors must read carefully the draft and ensure that the student has a chance to pass. You’re wasting everyone’s time if you know you’ll give a nogo and still have the P4.
  • you have to assess if the work is original, and thus you need to go to the Brightspace Plagiarism Scan thingy and check the report. (Full details here).
  • both supervisors must attend P4
  • 1st supervisor must put in The System the result of P4


  • both supervisors must attend P5, and ask questions
  • grade the student with the rubric
  • make a speech in front of family and friends
  • smile a lot while doing this
  • 1st supervisor must put the final grade in The System