Info about the P

The official graduation material

Notice that you have to follow the rules of the year you started your graduation work. Even if it takes you 2 years to complete, the rules that applied when you started are the rules that apply during your whole graduation process.



  • you do not need to register for P2 yourself, the coordinator does this for all students who submitted topics
  • template P2
  • one week before your P2, you need to email your final P2 proposal to: (1) your first supervisor; (2) your second supervisor; (3) the delegate of the board of examiners assigned to you (you can see that in the calendar entry for your P2); (4) ‘’. The email must state as subject: “P2 graduation plan + [your student number]”.


  • you do not need to register for P3 or do anything special
  • at one meeting with your first supervisor, you should reflect on the progress done
  • supervisors are aware of this


  • Form to register for P4

    1. watch out: you need several signatures, don’t start 1h before the deadline
    2. pro-tip: don’t print it, instead ask people to digitally sign it with the PDF reader (Adobe and have that built-in)
    3. you need to pick a co-reader, your supervisors do this with you (speak to them)
    4. you don’t choose the exact date, although you can propose it. The central administration does.
    5. what needs to be submitted is between your supervisor and you, speak to them. Usually, a draft of your thesis needs to be handed in. A draft means what your supervisors say it should be, there are no strict rules (but this can help)
    6. you need to upload the draft to the Brightspace Plagiarism Scan page. It’s complex, so follow the steps on this page
    7. P4 is a go/nogo, thus what you submit is assessed.
    8. if unsure if you can make, better to register and then cancel. This is how you cancel a planned P4
  • template P4