Example theses

Some good theses that can be used as examples

Vasileios Bouzas


Structure-aware building mesh simplification

Stella Psomadaki


Using a Space Filling Curve for the Management of Dynamic Point Cloud Data in a Relational DBMS

Ivo de Liefde


Exploring the use of the semantic web for discovering, retrieving and processing data from sensor observation services

Florian Fichtner


Semantic enrichment of a point cloud based on an octree for multi-storey pathfinding

Roeland Boeters


Automatic enhancement of CityGML LoD2 models with interiors and its usability for net internal area determination

Ravi Peters


A Voronoi- and surface-based approach for the automatic generation of depth-contours for hydrographic charts

Filip Biljecki


Automatic segmentation and classification of movement trajectories for transportation modes

Recently completed theses

We maintain a list of all the MSc Geomatics theses, and alternatively you can search in the TU Delft repository for programme:’Geomatics’.