As you already know, we have designed and prepared an experiment for you in order to introduce you to the topic of Reproducibility in the context of your master thesis project.

Now that you already have very concrete ideas about your thesis topic, we ask you to do the following activities:

Step 1. Fill in the first questionnaire (<5 minutes):

Step 2. In this website,, you will find an introductory 5-minute video lecture to the experiment ( and 20-minute video lecture to the topic of reproducibility (

Step 3. In the same web site,, you will also find 3 self-study, self-paced assignments (in PDF format) to introduce you to the methods and tools for reproducibility research. As common questions may arise, we have setup a GitHub repo as a discussion service,, to allow all students (also from the other participating universities) to discuss questions with regard to the assignments and the reproducibility self-assessment for your thesis. Collaborate!

Step 4. When writing your thesis, you will be asked to self-assess the level of reproducibility of your master thesis, as explained in the first video lecture. In practice, it will mean to add a simple statement as the last line of the abstract. Again, keep tuned to the discussion service for further details.

Step 5. At the end of the semester, you will be asked to fill in a second questionnaire, which will be duly announced in the discussion service and/or by email.

NOTE: The self-assessment result will NOT negatively impact the grade of the thesis beyond the quality standards already in place, so please be honest.

Thank you for your participation in this experiment!

If you have any questions or suggestions, the contact person is Rusne Sileryte