Just a kind reminder that the deadline to register for the next P4 is 18 April 2019, and that your P3 should be done before that date.

P3: you plan it yourself, and your main supervisor just has to tick the box in the SharePoint system. The admin is not involved.

P4: there’s a form to fill out to register, it’s there

Some extra info:

  • WATCH OUT: you need several signatures, don’t start 1h before.
  • Pro-tip: don’t print it, instead ask people to digitally sign it with the PDF reader (Adobe and Preview.app have that built-in)
  • the ‘3rd mentor’ is the co-reader, you and your supervisor have to pick one. The rules are explained in the Graduation Manual
  • your P4 will held during that period: 2019-05-16 –> 2019-05-29
  • you don’t choose the exact date, although you can propose it. The central administration does.
  • the full draft of your thesis needs to be handed in one week before your P4. Full draft means this
  • if you can’t make it, then the following period for P4 will be at the end of September 2019.
  • P4 is a go/nogo, thus what you submit is assessed.
  • if unsure if you can make, better to register and then cancel later in May.