Tetrahedralisations and 3D Voronoi diagrams

Lesson 3.1

voxelisation demos

To watch

To read

  1. Chapter 3 of the 3D book
  2. Slides lesson 3.1


  1. !!! first watch & read the 2D concepts (from GEO1015)

  2. TetGen is a reliable open-source 3D CDT software. Its software to visualise (TetView) is buggy and old, do not use.

  3. To visualise the results and ‘slice’ the DT (at ~6min in the video), I used PyVista after outputting a .vtk file from TetGen.

  4. Perhaps easier: a Python TetGen binding

  5. TetGen can output VTK files, which are best visualised with ParaView

  6. the 3D Voronoi diagram code of my PhD kinda works, still